Hi all and congrats to all parties involved.

sorry i haven't been around much at either here or apcw in a while. I post a little at cap which I know is a bad word here but I'm just being honest. and some at here and gia but I owe acpw and agd and probably left out somebody some make up time.

I've got partners with people at the first three which are reason to frequent a bit more but I feel all are important and as my broken record goes on singing ... we need to all get along at least to the point of achieving same-minded goals.

I have seen that spirit and hope when need of cooperation that it will always be at least as good as it has been in the past because despite differences, sometimes big ones ... so far we have always been able to come together long enough to impact and force change for the better such as fighting the retro terms some of the programs have tried to impliment.

sorry didn't mean to disrail the congrats as they are very due. I wish some kind of kinship could be worked out amongst all the forums.