I'm very pleased to announce that the GPWA Approved Portal seal is now available in ten languages.

The seal has been multi-lingual for quite some time, but previously only five languages rather than the current ten were supported.

The new languages are Croatian, Dutch, French, Greek, and Japanese. These complement the previously available languages of English, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. Special thanks go to GPWA member tojeivan who provided the Croation translation, GPWA member Mannesz who provided the Dutch translation, GPWA member Maxfalcon who provided the French translation, GPWA member CasinoInfoGR who provided the Greek translation, and GPWA member Dots7 who provided the Japanese translation.

By default, when someone visits a GPWA Approved Portal site displaying the seal of approval, the seal is automatically displayed in the language set as the visitor's browser default language if available. And when a visitor clicks on the seal to verify the site is approved, the verification page is also displayed in that same language.

We invite and welcome webmasters fluent in other languges to help us expand the list of supported languages. Each new language added only requires the translation of a few paragraphs of text. Just send me a pm if you are interested in helping out.

If you are a current GPWA private member, and would like to be a participant in the seal program, please pm GPWA Nancy with the URLs of the websites on which you would like to use the seal.

If you are not currently a private GPWA member, and would like to become one so that you can participate in the GPWA Seal of Approval program, please register to become a private member - just select "Become a Member" under "Members" in the top navigation bar, and follow the directions for applying to become a private member.