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    Lightbulb GPWA members can now opt in and out of receiving the GPWA Times Magazine

    Recently we introduced some new options members can set for the GPWA Times magazine subscription.

    The following subscription status choices are now available when you select "My Magazine Subscriptions" under the "My Account" option in the GPWA top navigation:

    • I wish to receive the GPWA Times magazine.
    • I do not wish to receive the GPWA Times magazine.
    • Another member at the same address will share their GPWA Times magazines with me.

    To receive the magazine you must both indicate you wish to receive it and have a valid postal address specified. By default everyone is opted in to receive the magazine. In a few cases, where members live at the same address, we have set the third choice shown above so that multiple copies are not being sent to one family. Generally, for business addresses, we have not done that.

    And, now, when we mail magazines to you, if they are returned, we will no longer remove your address as being an invalid address. Rather, we will mark your subscription as suspended, and the following message will be displayed in addition to your opt-in status:

    "Your GPWA Times magazine subscription is currently suspended because a magazine mailed to you was returned as undeliverable. Please update your mailing address so we can resume your subscription."

    The method we used to follow of just deleting addresses associated with returned magazines meant after that we couldn't tell whether you never provided an address to receive the magazine, or whether you moved and would no longer receive mail sent to the address. In the future, if magazines we mail to you are returned as undeliverable, the website will be pro-active and ask if you want to provide a new address or opt-out of receiving future magazines the next time you visit the site.

    For all members, a history of your subscription status and mailing addresses are available to you when you are logged in. At the bottom of the "My Magazine Subscriptions" page we show you when your subscription status or address was last updated, and you can click on the "Display Update History" button on the bottom of the page to see complete details of your personal update history. The button is not present if there is no history of updates to show you.

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    Hey Mike, I received some of the mags that were not mailed out previously and wanted to thank you,

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