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    Lightbulb GPWA members rate iGaming sites, affiliate programs and software vendors

    I’m very pleased to announce a new GPWA rating service for iGaming sites, affiliate programs and software vendors.

    The service lets you define your own rating categories. If you consider some iGaming sites to be accredited and some to be blacklisted you can indicate you use a rating system where iGaming sites are marked either “accredited” or “blacklisted” and then identify which iGaming sites you consider to be in each category. Or if you rogue some affiliate programs, promote some programs, and recommend others you can indicate you use a rating system where affiliate programs are marked “rogue,” “promote” or “recommend” and then identify which affiliate programs you consider to be in each category.

    For now the service only supports ratings where you have a page on your website to link to which shows your opinion. This is because we want to be able to provide a link to your site where the rating is shown. For example, if you have a page that rogues or blacklists Grand Prive, the page on the GPWA website that shows Grand Prive ratings will indicate how they are rated on your site and include a link to the page on your site where you document that opinion. The links to your site should help you from an SEO perspective and are our way of thanking you for sharing the information and also a way for the online gaming community to be able to see the nature of webmaster opinions about different sites, affiliate programs, and software vendors.

    Today we are making the facility to enter your ratings available. Over the next several weeks we will be rolling out the web pages that will display the information provided by webmasters for everyone to see. We will also expand this facility to allow you to share opinions even when they are not published on your website. For example, you might have especially good experiences with certain affiliate programs and want to indicate you recommend them even though you do not have a page on your website with that information.

    To enter ratings you must first be logged into the GPWA website and then select the “Webmaster Opinions” option under “My Account” in the GPWA website top navigation bar. You’ll then be able to select a website where you provide opinions, create the rating categories you use on that website, and then enter the pages on the website where you provide ratings and the specific ratings provided on those pages.

    Since this is a new facility, and one which we will be improving over time, your suggestions for how we can make it better are especially welcome. Be gentle though since this is just version 1.0 and we know parts of the system are awkward to use and important functions are still missing.
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