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    Default GPWA seal holder - - forum spammer

    Going through the daily dose of forum spammers today and lo and behold, I caught a seal holder.. vovol dot nl.

    I would normally just delete the mug's account and be done with it but he/she has tried a couple of times now and should know better given they have agreed to the gpwa code of conduct.

    Examples of the forum spam:

    You are lucky enough that you won atleast! I never won slots...:-(
    <a href="">Online Casino</a>
    Play at and win a free trip to Malta!
    When you make a deposit of 25 euros at Crown casino will automatically win a trip to Malta, 
    if you win this prize you fly from Schiphol Airport or Brussels to Malta overnight, and you 4 
    days in the luxurious 5 star Hilton Hotel. You'll also receive 250 euros to play in the Portomaso 
    casino where the dealers live from Crown Casino are located. Any player from January 25 to 
    January 28 at Crown Casino deposit a minimum of 25 euros 1 chance of winning, the more 
    you pay, the more odds you receive! On March 1 ale names are made in the raffle and the 
    winner drawn.
    To read more about this - LINK REMOVED
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    Thanks, I will pass this along to the seal verification team.
    I am here to help if you have any issues with an affiliate program.
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