We know a lot of affiliates have been hurt by grand prive and other programs. If you have been negatively impacted by any program you can participate in this offer. We will trust what is sent to us. We hope this will be the start of a prosperous business relationship as trust is paramount.<O></O>
We at revsharepartners.com understand your frustration and pain. After watching TJodd rant and cuss about Grand Prive and ECORGA by that frozen lake in his last video, I thought it was time someone did a little something to try and help out this problem. I’m sure whatever the outcome; the affiliates are going to lose out no matter what ECORGA says or gives back.<O></O>
As an affiliate manager, I would not have a job if it were not for affiliates and I’d like to thank them for helping to feed my family. Sometimes our thinking gets lost in this gaming industry and we forget about where we came from and who helped us to get there. In my 12 years in this industry I’ve seen a lot of things but the Grand Prive situation really gets my blood boiling. I mean they shut down their affiliate program then had the nerve to re-open a new one! I would really like to speak with the owner there face to face so he could explain why and what business sense does it make besides filling their pockets and shafting the affiliates.<O></O>
Anyway to make a long rant short, after watching that video I spoke with our owners and got them to agree to help the affiliates that were burned from this program and others by offering a special promo. We would like to help affiliates get part of their revshare not paid to them. Please understand I wish we would just open our wallets and give with no questions asked, but that would not work well for our side. I have listed below how we would like to help the affiliates out. Also I would like to challenge other affiliate programs to stand up and help the affiliates out. Because without them we would not be here!<O></O>
What we have to offer:<O></O>
We will pay any new affiliate that lost money with a rouge program, 25% to 40% revshare based on our revshare structure plus 10% of $100.00 to $10,000.00 for the next six months.<O></O>
So it would work like this:<O></O>
You say you were making $1,000.00 a month with grand prive.<O></O>
With us you make $500.00 in Jan. So we would pay you $600.00 ($500.00 plus 10% of the $1,000.00)<O></O>
Rules of this promo.<O></O>
1. We understand affiliates may have a difficult time proving the amount of their loss, so we will take your word for the amount of loss, from $100.00 to $10,000.00. The affiliate must bring in at least 50% revshare of the number they say they were making each month with grand prive or similar programs to receive the extra 10%.<O></O>

2. The 10% offer will last for 6 months, after which we will discuss with each affiliate on what program to continue on as I understand some of you have lost years of players due to these types of programs.
3. The affiliate must contact me by email asking for this deal.