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    Default acquired Betwize and now...

    Hi guys.

    Can someone tell me if Im wrong?

    As you probably know is not longer operating. Past payments - I dont know who will sort this as no contact from Betwize.

    The thing is. Players account are now transferred to
    If I got 200 players there in my opinion my affiliate account should be created/merged and if will earn on those players I should get my % right? If they took players I reffered there I should recieve my future earnings from that players play?

    And now says: they bought user accounts and domain. And they dont take any care of affiliate who brings betwize those it fair/ethical? that wants to get 100% now and dont want to share (future earnings) with affiliates who sends traffic???

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    For me the same situation. 900 players sent to Betwize. Maybe we shall remove GUTS banners and links from our sites and forums. Promoting this company does not make sense.

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    we have to fight with whith these kinds of cheating practics. How long affiliates will be slaves for some companies?

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    Default betwize and guts are thieves

    I was just about to post this below

    Ok today i recieved this email below from betwize support
    I am writing to inform you that is no longer in operation. Your account and all funds have been moved to
    All your money is still accessible and you can now access your account at anytime on using your old username and password. Your username is XXXXXXX. You can deposit and withdraw funds at any time into this account.
    Login at guts to enjoy the sports betting and over 100 great casino games, plus you’ve now got some great new products to play including poker, as well as being able to bet on the move with the Guts mobile sports betting site.
    Best regards, Customer Support Team

    Ok so i decided to email guts affiliates and ask if they would be paying the owed commission from betwize seeing that they took over their casino and below is the response to the email i sent..
    Guts has taken over the domain and operations, but not the affiliate agreements.
    Regarding the affiliate payments, this is a responsibility of the operator, BetWize, as the affiliate has the relationship with the operator. Guts has no possibility to cover funds which is outside our control. An example of this could be a high CPA rate per depositing player, which is solely between you, the affiliate, and the operator, BetWize. In other words, we don't know what kind of amounts you are talking about either.
    As we have no insight in the relationship between operator and affiliate, nothing can be done on our side.
    You can only alert the competent authorities about BetWize behavior and to refer to the affiliate contract agreed upon registering as an affiliate.
    Adrian Mitrea
    Guts Affiliates

    So it seems that we wont be paid anything at all from betwize or guts casino. I think they are both thieves, betwize for obvious reasons and guts because they will be stealing any commission that is made by the players that got transferred to them from betwize, I am totally pissed because I am owed over 500 euros and I worked hard to get plyers for betwize and now it is for nothing...

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    GUTS doesnt intend to solve the problem. One company buying other company acquire debts and obligations, it's clear!!! IMHO they are also thieves and should be blacklisted.

    I've decided to remove all GUTS's banners and going to put them on the black list soon.

    If any info appears, keep us updated.


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