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    Default GVC Holdings Addresses Cashcade: APCW Perspectives for 3 March, 2017

    This week, GVC Holdings decided that it was time to make a
    statement about their decision to close the Cashcade affiliate program.
    Sadly, their reply was more company rhetoric and little substance.


    Statement from GVC Holdings:
    Foxy Bingo recruits Heather Graham:
    Absolute Poker Founder Pleads Not Guilty:

    Fighting for trust, honesty and integrity
    in the online gambling industry!

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    I have given this situation a lot of thought and come to some conclusions. These are fluid ideas, and I welcome additional constructive input on this issue. It will take a team of motivated individuals to make a difference, but the alternative is to do nothing and allow companies like GVC Holdings to continue to commit blatant theft. Even if we are not successful in bringing GVC to the table, an organized and orchestrated targeting of their brand will certainly make other programs carefully consider the consequences of similar actions in the future.

    GVC Holdings is a publicly traded company, so if we can fill the web with enough negative information about them their shareholders may help facilitate a change. This will require web space and participation via social media channels. Whether you can write an article, post a blog, develop a page, issue a press release or even build a site dedicated to GVC Holdings and/or ActiveWins it will help. We need to do these things with proper SEO practices, including the correct keywords and linking between our sites and posts, and as many social media shares as possible.

    I ave already developed a YouTube channel where I am placing re-edited APCW videos with appropriate titles for you to share. These videos are already showing up as "Related Videos" for gambling searches across the site and on Google. Please subscribe to this channel to help it gain prominence, and share these videos on your site by embedding them in your aticles and blogs, linking to them directly, or even downloading them and placing them on your own servers if you like. I've also been sharing these videos on Google+, which shows up well in SERPS.

    I'm no SEO expert, so please add to these comments with corrections or additional ideas. We will be publishing content this week that will provide additional talking points for generating articles, as well as instructions on how to write a press release that will be published as news with the negative information on GVC Holdings. We will also need to target the GVC Brands, especially ActiveWins and the Foxy properties, and I will be delivering more brand specific videos in the coming days. I also plan to make videos about the leadership at GVC Holdings so that negative information in available about the actual people running this company.

    I do not have the ability to take legal action on this issue, and I was not an affiliate of Cashcade or ActiveWins. However, I am doing what I can do for the webmaster community... and if we all contribute by using our skills we can hurt GVC Holdings. Maybe even cost them a lot of what they stole this community.
    .J.Todd, APCW Founder

    This Week in Gambling

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    "I'm no SEO expert, so please add to these comments with corrections or additional ideas."

    Weight I
    The Youtube ranking of the videos from your new Youtube channel depends on views, views and again: views!
    If you have no views, no social network to get views then ranking is hard.
    Likes and dislikes are completely without any influcence. I have tested this!
    You can have hundreds and 90 % dislikes, you will still rank perfect on Youtube search if you have enough views.
    So some of your videos will rank better on Youtube search simultaneously when
    they get more and more views and if they are after some months or so in that positive spiral, then you don't need to do anything more.

    Weight II
    The numbers of comments are also a ranking factor.
    If you answer every comment personal, then you can easy double this factor to your favor.

    Weight III
    A long description can also be very helpfully. More weight has the factor if you embed the videos in as many places as possible.

    Your goal must be to catch one the 2-3 possible places in the Google SERPS where Youtube videos are ranked.

    If you search e.g. for "joe biden groper" then you can find my video with the title "Creepy Grandpa Joe Biden | The Groper" normally latest on the 2nd result page on Google

    Another example for study purposes: For the search of "buffalo partners affiliate program" you will find my loved video latest on page 3 of Google normally ( ). It's the only video listed on Google matching the GPWA sponsor.

    Check, how many GVC videos exist on Google SERPS! No or only one video means that the rings are belling, a chance for an easy placement.

    If you want to get attention by the GVC shareholders, then this Google SERPS placement of some of your videos must be the major goal.

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    Therefore the decision was taken to cease all bingo affiliate activity and focus on other channels.
    Bollocks, foxy bingo was also taken over by AW.

    The closure of the Cashcade affiliate programme has no impact on other affiliate programmes run by GVC owned brands.
    Yes it bloomin' does. It means anyone working with them has a very high chance of getting their fingers burnt. - Formally known as goodbonusguide.

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    This kind of actions are really annoying and communication that goes with it, is usually more annoying. All those blabla-words for simply "We're having a big playerbase now, time to cut, all those big invoices are also quite frustrating for our loanslaves"...

    Anyway, I will embed the video to some relevant articles that I am going to write about this issue.

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    As always good feedback

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