View Poll Results: Have you read Google's new July 2018 Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines?

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    Question Have you read Google's new July 2018 Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines?

    On July 20th Google released a new version of its guidelines for evaluating the quality of a site.

    According to Search Engine Land:

    Quote Originally Posted by Search Engine Land
    Google contracts with over 10,000 search quality raters worldwide to evaluate its search results. Raters are given actual searches to conduct, drawn from real searches that happen on Google. They then rate the quality of pages that appear in the top results - hence the "quality rater" name.

    Quality raters cannot alter Google's results directly. A rater marking a particular listing as low quality will not cause that page to be banned or lose ranking.

    Instead, the data generated by quality raters is used to improve Google's search algorithms, an automated system of raning pages. Over time, that quality rater data might have an impact on low-quality pages that are spotted by raters, but the algorithm will also impact pages that weren't reviewed.
    The new July 2018 guidelines used by quality raters are published in a document that is 164 pages long. You can see the guidelines here:

    2018 Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines

    The guidelines are the instructions given to quality evaluators on how to assess website quality and whether the search results they review meet the needs of Google search users.

    Understanding the guidelines can be helpful to affiliates (or to anyone responsible for the content of websites). Google cares about the quality of its search results, and so understanding the factors Google uses to assess quality can provide valuable guidance on what is necessary to be viewed as providing quality content deserving of top positions in search results over the long term.

    So, for this week's poll I ask if you have seen the new quality guidelines, and if you have or plan to read them. I also encourage to you share your views on the guidelines and whether or not you have made or plan to make any changes to your sites based on the guidelines.

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    Yes, I have read the guidelines and surprisingly, they forgot to mention, that the search results do not depend on that guidelines only but also on their political bias.

    The email from Eliana Murillo, Head of Multicultural Marketing at Google, also an "activist" from 9. November 2016 is the ironclad evidence, that Google's "guidelines" are only valid, if the content does not violate their own bias.

    Crazy Holocaust denier do rather pass the "guideline" test than Red States representatives.

    As an gaming affiliate you might be safe from the bias probably as long as you are not an open registered Republican.

    It's sounds insane, but it's the reality. The Google search autocomplete suggestion since 2016 is rigged and does not reflect in any way any net neutrality "guidelines".

    And for Google's censorship cooperation with China, does really anyone expect, that any official "guidelines" are valid?

    "Shadow banning" is the new technique of the tech giants to control the minds of the people in the internet. "Guidelines" are a distraction from that.

    And as long as dozens of black hat seo lowlifes from this online casino industry with their cloaking and redirections make Google to a huge spam machine, abusing also real names like mine for their shabby tactics, as long nothing is useful from the guidelines, because Google has no control over this massive SERP spam.

    So guidelines are fine, but the reality - like so many times - is different.


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    I have read the new guidelines put into place by Google, but I still need to go back and familiarise myself with them. Leopold does make a very good and valid point when he says that Google has a tendency to be biased towards its users. As Leopold puts it, you just “might” be safe from their bias. I also don’t plan to make any changes to my sites any time soon. Everything is okay for now, but I think Google can be critical when it comes to obtaining their approval and they really do ask too much of people regarding their guidelines in general.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roulette Zeitung View Post

    So guidelines are fine, but the reality - like so many times - is different.
    This pretty much sums it up. You can spend all your time and effort trying to cater to google's every whim and recommendation, and still not get anywhere.
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    No, I have not read the Google guidelines yet.
    I will do it and I already know that it will give me a headache!

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    Yes, i have read every little part of the new Google guidelines. Im running a test on some of our content on the website. To see if things are moving, and they do already. I love the experiment!

    For what i understand the main focus will "again" be more on quality but also pillar content. With pillar i mean, really helpful informational content that goes further than your standard blog post or article of only 300 to 900 words. With jiba jaba on every subject everyone already put out there. No, putting really helpful content out there with the emphasis on helpful in articles that covers everything and more on the subject in lenghtly (3000 to 8000 words)

    I am not saying good short quality information won't get you there, it will on some of the serps. But the more highly and competitive ones, no. You need to really have a good mix of short and pillar content to be a winner.

    The new guidelines gives you opportunities, you didn't had in the past.

    For example. all the well established websites out there with massive backlink profiles and poor / medium quality content, need to step it up and get to work. Backlinking is passe, killed, dead. You need CONTENT. Because small webmasters with good writing skills who really puts in the effort, time and extra mile, getting really good pillar content out there could hurt there business.

    That said you have to be it in for the longhaul. Persist and prevail!
    I really do think the change in the guidelines, if they work out how we thing they work out (we do need more testing and experimenting) of course gets everything on a whole different level. Therefore we started to change a part of our strategy. Instead of only spitting out extensive reviews out there every-time. I really think the google we knew, is going to disappear, tricking it with blackhat is going to futile in the longrun. the algorithm is going to be more AI and will be remorseless for those who cheat.

    At least thats my opinion on the subject

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