On October 10th I deposited $200 at Cleopatra’s Casino and cashed in $402. I sent my ID, bill and fax form only to find a week later that my account was locked. I called the casino where “Johnny” said that he did not see a problem and that they normally lock accounts due to promotion abuse but could offer no more information. It has now been a month and my emails go unanswered. Also on October 10th, I deposited $125 at High Rollers Lounge and cashed in $250. My account was also locked. This time Oliver Curran emailed me back stating that: "in order to make a withdrawal greater than the amount of the deposit, once the wagering requirements have been met, you are required to be withdrawing an amount greater than the sum of the deposit and the bonus. You did not do this which constitutes attempted promotion abuse. Therefore the management has closed your account." I was $1 short as I was thinking that I could cash in at $250 when I needed to be $251 or more. My mistake, but I would think they would return the money back to my account and see if I am lucky enough to bring $250 to $251. I think most would agree that this was not a case of abuse being $1 short, it was an honest mistake. I emailed Mr. Curran with these same thoughts and he did not write back. Can anyone here give some advice or direct me to someone who might be able to help me? I did not want to bad mouth these casinos in a public forum but I feel at this point all I can do is cry for help. I would tell anyone who is thinking of depositing at these casinos to think twice. If I receive my deposits and winnings in a timely fashion I will be sure to post that as I think it is only fair to praise a casino when they make good just as one would bitch when they steal money from its new customers.