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Since I’m widely known as a bringer of good news, here’s some more:

Aplay Casino has launched the long-awaited weekly tournaments for your live casino players. Each of these tournaments comes with a weekly €1.000 prize fund split between 10 players.

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Aaaand… I might also have a special promo code, so make sure to watch the video for more info.

Quickspin pre-release alert! Once again, all PlayAttack brands will be hosting a pre-premiere of Quispin’s new slot game called Arcane Gems (everybody else is only getting their hands on it two weeks later).

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On a serious note:

Latvia has issued an order to close all casinos, gambling and bingo halls, and betting locations during coronavirus. So what?! Everyone did, didn’t they? Ah well, not exactly… Latvia didn’t just close the land-based operators but also shut the online casinos. Unlucky since their license is pretty damn expensive (just saying!).

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✔ More advertising restrictions amid coronavirus. I’ve honestly lost the count by now, but anyway! Spain has now banned gambling TV ads. Oh well, technically you can still run them between 1 am - 5 am (how generous!). And Lithuania just went on to ban ALL gambling advertising. More on this in our latest video report.

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That’s all from me! Stay tuned for more PlayAttack news in the upcoming weeks!

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