A simple analysis follows:

Paolino threw proof at the matter. Tons of it. You threw an article at it that in my opinion did NOT discredit Paolino. My opinion is that it supported Paolino. I too go back and edit my posts at times. I like to have my grammer and spelling in order so please don't look for things that are not there. There are thus dozens of reasons for a webmaster to edit a post.

I don't know about the rest of the members, but my opinions have no price. They can't be bought. This is, in my opinion, a forum of webmasters with common interest but not as you see it, a clique where there is no admission for outsiders.

Fact is though we do get to choose who we share our time with and I would guess that if you were to apply, there is little doubt your application would be declined.

We want webmasters who work for the common good. We encourage opinions and subjects can, and have, become heated in the past. Strangely enough though, after the discussion we carry on working together to bring about good to the industry. Based on your conduct here, I very much doubt you are possessed of these good qualities. It's sad really, but then that's life.