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    Angry How Bulgarian scammers Efbet started to steal business from their affiliates

    Background: Bulgarian betting company Efbet started something like 10 years ago by the name: Balkanbet. The founders are famous Fofia's scammers Naydenovi family involved in illegal gambling (according to their interview, link added below).After they invited in their company the famous gambling mafia boss Vasil Bozhkov they rebranded from: "Balkanbet" to "Efbet". This was the first time they stole business from their affiliates by transferring their players' base to the new site but denying future payments to their initial partners.
    They managed to bribe Bulgarian Gambling Commission to give them the first online gambling license in the country and to keep rejecting the other companies. At that time they didn't offer an affiliate program at all because they really didn't need it.

    After Bulgarian Gambling Commission was forced by Bulgarian Court to start giving licenses to other companies Efbet started their affiliate program.

    The theft:
    In the beginning it did not apply any quota in their affiliate program.

    After some time they retroactively added quota: 2 new depositors and 7 active players a month.

    This year without any official mail they decided to add more quota requirements and strange new rules:

    • 2 new depositors a month;
    • 7 active players a month;
    • 6 new depositors in the last 3 months;
    • The affiliate has to try to increase the business (this subjective clause means they can refuse to pay their affiliates based only on their judgement if they try or not to increase the business)
    • If any month you don't cover the above quota your commission is NOT transferred to the next month.

    With these retroactive changes they started stealing the business from their small and even middle size affiliates which I personally find very alarming.

    Even big affiliates should be alarmed if they decide to do business with them because they can and most probably will change and add a new quota at some time in the future.

    * The information I give is based on Efbet,'s official T & Cs, their owners (Tsvetomir Naydenov and Boyan Naydenov) interview and official investigation about the corruption in Bulgarian Gamgleing commission. I added sources links below:
    Used sources:

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    I have been scammed as well but after what I read here and at several other forums I decided it's useless to complain about these crooks.

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    Same here. We've stopped immediately to promote them and made them not verified on all sites. What comes around goes around... This is the long road to end of Efbet.

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    "Bulgarian betting company Efbet started something like 10 years ago by the name: Balkanbet

    Balkanbet - that says a lot...

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    I signed up with Efbet many years ago. After just six months or so they started demanding more or they would close my account. I straight away deleted them from all my sites. It was only yesterday they were either threatening the same or have terminated my account (not sure, don't care either)

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