The second quarter of 2015 ended a month ago, so it is past time for me to ask our periodic question to members about how the revenue they are earning has changed over the last quarter. Asking a little late does have a benefit though. Everyone should have long ago figured out their earnings for the second quarter.

If you compare revenue from the second quarter of 2015 (April to June) to revenue from the first quarter of 2015 (January to March), how did it change? Did it get better, stay the same, or get worse for you?

And post your thoughts about the changes you have seen and your view of what the future holds. How much do you think the changes you saw between the two quarters is due to general economic conditions, how much is related to changes in the online gaming affiliate marketplace, how much is related to seasonal fluctuations, how much to special events, how much is purely random, and how much is related to changes in what you are doing?