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    Default how far does link juice travel?

    Hi - when back-linking, does the power of the link transfer beyond the page it is directed at? And if so, how much? I've been told that it is not always useful to backlink to your home page, better to backlink to a more original page that is relevant to the page the backlink comes from.

    But in this case, does it mean the backlink won't boost other parts of your site as well? Of does the link just boost the entire site?

    Makes sense?

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    Hi casionmark, a backlink can link back to one or more webpages. It will only link to what you point it to. If you have more and more backlinks, you will usually rank higher on all major search engines available, including Google.

    Also, I believe that the link will boost only where it is being directed.

    Link Juice also plays a very important role as it does also significantly give your webpages or sites a boost on the internet.

    You also need high-quality links. This will make a very big difference as to how Google and the other Search Engines will view your sites.

    You should also use Anchor Text with your backlinks whenever you can. Anchor Text backlinks work great when you are trying to rank for particular keywords that you really want to target.
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    Casinomark - yes, otherwise it would be called link biscuit or something that can not flow Obvious big drops per level from the origional but a very strong link can pass juice multiple levels.
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    Hi casionmark

    I also have been told that is not so useful to backlink the homepage, better backlink other pages, among themselves. In my opinion juice travels if you use the correct keywords, giving power to the page linked, for these keywords.

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