Last month there was a thread about the largest negative carryover balances folks had faced. You can read the thread here: How much was your most negative balance?

Have a large negative carryover with an affiliate program can be quite discouraging. It means promoting the program's brands is just helping to dig you out of a hole over the near-term. Many times the sensible business response is to grin and bear the situation. But sometimes the right business decision could be to abandon promoting a program completely.

For this week's poll, share the longest period of time you have actually promoted a program to dig out of a negative carryover hole. But beyond voting in the poll, be sure to share your business philosophy around negative carryover. When would you decide not to continue promoting a brand based due to a negative carryover? Have you ever done so? How do you compare programs that have negative carryover with those that don't (e.g., do you discount the commission rate for programs with negative carryover, and if so, by how much).