View Poll Results: How many of the gaming sites you promote produce 50% of your revenue?

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    Question How many of the gaming sites you promote produce 50% of your revenue?

    Most affiliates promote a variety of sites. There are many reasons for this ranging from not wanting to be too dependent on any given site to wanting to offer choices to players to wanting to promote different sites based on gaming vertical or geographic area. There can also be reasons for limiting the number of sites that are promoted. Promoting more sites is more work and it can be easier to negotiate better affiliate arrangements when the sites you do promote are promoted more heavily.

    From a business perspective, it is pretty common to review how dependent a business is on individual customers (affiliate program partners) and how vulnerable a business is if any of those relationships turn sour.

    The focus of this week's poll is how concentrated is your affiliate revenue stream. If you look back at revenue earned over the past year, how many sites collectively contributed 50% of your overall affiliate revenue? Besides voting in the poll, I invite you to share your opinion about the tradeoff in working with more or fewer sites. And I also invite you to share statistics that go beyond those asked in the poll.

    For example, for Casino City, looking at revenue over the past year, I see that 32 gaming properties collectively contributed 50% of our revenue over the past 12 months. Here is a more detailed breakdown at additional percentile points:

    2 online gaming sites accounted for 10% of our affiliate revenue
    6 online gaming sites accounted for 20% of our affiliate revenue
    12 online gaming sites accounted for 30% of our affiliate revenue
    21 online gaming sites accounted for 40% of our affiliate revenue
    32 online gaming sites accounted for 50% of our affiliate revenue
    45 online gaming sites accounted for 60% of our affiliate revenue
    64 online gaming sites accounted for 70% of our affiliate revenue
    96 online gaming sites accounted for 80% of our affiliate revenue
    158 online gaming sites accounted for 90% of our affiliate revenue
    441 online gaming sites accounted for 100% of our affiliate revenue

    With a site that tries to be comprehensive and has been around for a long time, I value diversity and the freedom it provides. If I believe a program no longer deserves to be promoted, the financial hit we would take as the result of such a decision is never large enough that I feel held hostage.

    I did post another poll a couple years ago that looks at revenue diversity from a different perspective:

    How many different top performing programs have you had over the past six months?

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    Just one.

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