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    Default How many indexed pages?

    What is the most amount of indexed pages in search engines you have ever seen for one affiliate site? I am just interested for research reasons. Many sites I see today have over 20,000 indexed pages but don't seem to rank as well as other sites with 300-400 pages. Its probably all down to unique content, seo and linking but was just curious.
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    I was curious about Casino City so I went ahead with "" for Google, MSN, and Yahoo. There are huge differences in the number of indexed pages between these engines. Here are the results:

    Google: 23,400
    Yahoo: 41,695
    MSN: 81,400

    It doesn't surprise me to hear that the portals with lots of pages aren't head and shoulders above others for any given keyword. There should be some effect of rising above others if effective cross-linking is put in place, but the SEO value is the depth of content really comes down to broad exposure on the long tail side of things. In our case, even though we rank well for highly competitive keywords, there is no search term that generates more than 1% of the traffic.
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    For my site, I found Google 766, Yahoo 2128, and MSN 532.

    However, I do not have this many pages on my site.

    Rather, my site is focused primarily around searching a list of over 500 sites. This is done via PHP with 10 sites on each SERP. A quick browse through these lists of indexed pages revealed that many of them are links to my SERPs with various parameters in the query string, including repeated entries with the same query string but which start on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. SERP for a given query string. I think that this is what is accounting for the high number of indexed pages.

    But, I am not an expert in this kind of thing, so keep that in mind.


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    Yahoo and MSN always seem to exagerate the number of pages within my sites but Google is generally pretty spot on. - Give or take a page or three!

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    Default have about 280 indexed pages on google.
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