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    Question How many online gaming industry conferences have you attended?

    I had dinner earlier this evening with Marc Lesnick, who puts on the Casino Affiliate Convention. The 2007 Amsterdam Casino Affiliate Convention begins later today (it is just after midnight now here in Amsterdam), and according to Marc, based on current actual registrations, there will be more affiliates present than at any other conference in the history of Internet gaming.

    So, I thought it would be interesting to find out how many of you attend conferences like this one, and for those of you who have, how many times.

    And I'd encourage everyone to chime in with your own feelings about conferences like this, and maybe a good story or two.

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    One day I'll make it to the Amsterdam meeting... I'd love to visit there someday...

    But for now, I'm looking forward to the Montreal meeting and hope that gets good attendance (I dont know why Marc has it so early on the calendar!?)
    That will be my 4th if everything works out and I can still make it.
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    I'm not in Amsterdam this year, but have been to a few conferences thus far. After more than a year in the industry I made it to my first show in September for the GPWA and CAC Vegas conferences, then went to London for ICEi and CAP Euro. It is really a pleasure to meet everyone, and some of the connections made at the conferences have been helpful.

    I wasn't thinking about conferences more in terms of conference trips when I voted, so I put down two meaning London and Vegas even though there were two conference per trip so it is really four conferences total.

    Haha, on top of the pure business to it, it is was fun talking about the extravagent parties to friends when I got back from the trips. ...definately a perk of working in an entertainment industry.
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    I haven't yet attended any conferences, but I'm planning to attend one this year if everything will be according to my plan.

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    Thumbs up

    Never attended a CAC event but plan on it. Perhaps Montreal if the event is still taking place. CAP Spring Break I attended last year was very good! For me personally I cannot judge how useful the CAC events actually are. But based on what I hear in most instances they are useful.

    Getting affiliates and program managers in a more relaxed atmosophere I would think would be useful. I would love to see a joint effort between CAP and the GPWA organize such events. Maybe hold them twice a year? Perhaps this would encorage more participation?


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    I havn't been yet. I usually had obligations at home that kept me from making the effort. Other times it was to costly at the time. I would love to attend one and think everyone should. It can only help with networking and getting a fresh perspective when you return. Not to mention the legendary parties lol.


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    I have never attended one, but I hope to attend one sometime soon. Having my own company kind of makes it hard to leave for a week or so, especially when I have people work for me.... :S... sometime soon though....

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