View Poll Results: How many page views do all of your sites together get in a typical day?

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    8 38.10%
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    5 23.81%
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    2 9.52%
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    2 9.52%
  • 2,001 to 5,000

    2 9.52%
  • 5,001 to 10,000

    1 4.76%
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    0 0%
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    1 4.76%
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    Question How many page views do your sites get in a typical day?

    How many page views do your sites (all of them together) get in a typical day?

    Some of us operate more sites, some of us less. Some of us have visitors that just look at a page or two, and some of us have visitors that poke around for a while. Some of us have just a few visitors and some of us have lots of visitors.

    Total page views per day is one of the better ways to compare traffic that factors in all of these differences.

    I'm curious to see what sort of page-view traffic levels different members have for their collection of sites.

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    I think pageviews/visit is even more interesting. In many cases one may have lots of traffic but no depth, in other case low traffic with depth, which may speak more for the richness of the site. Although in the long run it is the traffic volume that matters for the commercial success.

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