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    This thread has been dug up from almost 2 years ago. Itd be interesting to hear from the people that posted early on in this tread. Have people that said they paid for seo still doing so. Or do they now have to spend time and money undoing all the fads that come and go in seo that they had previously paid for. And for those that said they didn't pay anything, is this still working for them.

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    I never pay for seo after google panda/penguin updates. I think, that good content
    sooner or later make your site popular.

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    A year or two back I used to spend a little every month getting content written and submitted to article directories and press release sites (using a company that submitted articles for me), which helped me rank for some good long-tail keywords. Then when Google whooped my ass with Penguin I realised I couldn't do this any more as I had too many backlinks with the same anchor text pointing in to certain pages and these pages tanked (not the whole site). Then after speaking with a few knowledgeable people and learning more I quickly learned that outsourcing any element of link building work in the gaming vertical was impossible unless I had mega budgets to hire an experienced gambling SEO. After Penguin those without the sufficient knowledge of the sector will likely do no good or more likely harm to your rankings. I now have gone through a steep learning curve of how to use the right tools to do SEO for myself.


    I try and publish the best content as the user journey has to work and convert. Its no good being on position 1 for "Microgaming casinos" and then being directed to a general page... they need to land on a page that lists casinos that use microgaming software with a clear path forward for conversion.

    ...In this sector I am not sure if good quality content alone will make your site popular... however if you have a completely unique concept that is like porn for a gambler it may be enough but 99% of gambling affiliate sites I have seen dont have the porn factor and IMO need to push themselves up in the SERPs in other ways.

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