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    Default how to? new site merchant account setup

    i am looking for information regarding what is necessary for setting up merchant accounts firepay etc. we have incorporated and set up a bank account in the carribean and will be hosting in costa rica. what do we need to use as our gaming license in establishing merchant accounts. its my understanding that u dont need a gaming license to operate out of costa. is it simply a matter of getting a corporate license in costa? thanks in advance.

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    The GPWA is a site oriented toward gaming portal site owners rather than toward online gaming site operators. The members of this site actively promote online gaming sites.

    In terms of legal issues, I do believe you are correct that there is not a separate gaming license required, only a business license. However, I am not an attorney, and would not myself set up such a site without getting competent legal advice.

    Operating a successful online gambling site that members of the community here would be willing to support and promote requires a level of professionalism, and consultation with experts, rather than just trying to cobble something together on your own. I say this because if you don't intend to make a level of investment where professionals are involved in the process, they you should be told up front that you are underestimating the complexity of actually operating a casino, and that the investment you do make is almost certain to be money just flushed down the drain.

    Sorry to be so blunt, but I hate to see people get in over their head before they really understand what they are getting themselves into.

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