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    Lightbulb How to promote an operator on social media? [Indian market]

    Hi everyone,

    I have a client who's an operator and his target market is India. THEY have many providers on the website providing Sportsbook , Fantasy Sports, Live casinos, Automated Casino, Card games & Slots. According to him, they have had good responses for now but are looking for "impressive" responses. For that they need affiliate partners, i.e. my company, who could just boost them in the market. He wants to promote his brand by finding an appropriate affiliate (me in this case) who will promote his casino on Facebook and Google by running ads campaigns.

    The problem is the client doesn't have any license, so he wants me to suggest some out-of-the-box ideas that would be effective and lucrative for his business.

    Do you have any ideas how to do this and if it's possible in the first place?

    Thank you

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    So if I get this right......

    It's an online casino operator with an affiliate program
    They want you to set up an affiliate account with them
    And then try and get signups by you advertising on Adwords or FB (or other avenues)
    So that both they and you benefit. They get players, you get the affiliate cut

    Or (for some reason? Maybe the license question?)....

    They don't want to advertise themselves
    They are just looking for your help to advertise on their behalf
    For which I assume they'd pay you a fee

    So I don't know if Adwords has a rule that they will only run ads for a licensed operator, but I wouldn't have thought they care about that (I may be wrong, but fairly sure I'm not)

    Facebook - I'm pretty sure won't run paid gambling ads, so probably out of the equation

    So, focusing on Google Adwords...

    Just running a search on 'India online casinos' brings up a number of ads, so clearly it's possible. You'd need an account and when I did this some 8 years ago, I had to make a special application to be OK to be allowed to run gambling ads. It's probably still the same.

    But this is nowhere near as simple as just doing it. Adwords is a minefield for anyone who hasn't studied how it works...and fraught with immense dangers for anyone inexperienced ( and even experienced, in fact). If the intention is to go down this route, extreme caution would be needed and there is a risk of fairly heavy financial loss.

    You'll probably get further explanation of this if confirming this is indeed the intention....but probably this will turn this into a 'how do I use Adwords for gambling advertising' thread.

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    Far cheaper and more effective if the operator just creates a really solid affiliate program, uses good tracking software like myaffiliates, offers affiliates a decent deal and stays HONEST with them, and utilizes places like the GPWA to reach affiliates.

    In a matter of months they would gain far more reach to potential players on hundreds if not thousands of affiliate portals, most likely for far less costs and more effective then you could ever do with some adwords campaigns.


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    maybe a bit obvious? - do a competitor analysis on social and understand the tactics and strategies of other people doing what you wish to do, successfully. ?
    other ideas:

    1. pay existing affils for social shoutouts (with links) which they can delete after ~ 24h ?
    2. get some influencers to engage with and promote the products w/ your affil links ?
    3. run some promotions which offer extra prizes if you outlast / beat influencers?
    4. run social refer a friend promotions. => Trust + conversions
    5. do some crazy branded pr stunts ?
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    To advertise a gambling site on Facebook or Google you must have a gambling license.
    Read about it here:

    And here:

    You will have a hard time getting permission to advertise on these sites without a valid gambling license

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    I think it's possible to advertise it in Google, but not possible via Facebook. It's quite shady niche. Butin this case I would agree with Rick. He suggested the most cost-effective but working model.

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