Along with not being paid our commissions, I have reason to believe these guys have been removing players from affiliates accounts and/or setting an expiry date on them.

I have a group of known depositors under my affiliate tag who have been making deposits yet they are not showing in my affiliate account.

Also i suggest other affiliates to go through your transaction section check what months you have been paid, then go over your report stats to see if the figures match up? My don't


14th October I Was Paid out $330.00
12th November I was paid out $240.00

Earn't only $9.67 in December
Earn't only $9.80 in Jan
Earn't Nothing in Feb or March
and was paid $169.50 in April this year.

My payouts prior to these dates use to range from $150 - $700

Between 1st April and now i have earn't Zero according to the stats on their system, however i have contact 4 out of 11 people i know who still deposit and play there, but there deposits are not reflecting on my account.

I have tried for the last 3 weeks to get hold of Tristan, he has been online on skype yet he chooses to ignore messages.

All I am asking other affiliates is go over your reports and post any feed back here.

Igaming profits and Irish Luck Casino are only a white Label Rival and payments are processed by Rival themselves. So I am holding Rival responsible and expect them to investigate into what the heck is going on with Irish Luck.

I thought this might be better suited in Unethical, as they are acting very strange, not paying affiliates and now their tracking software seem to be eating players.

So Rival, Instead of hiding behind a white label, can you please enlighten us as to what is going on. You pay affiliates for this casino, so you are somewhat responsible for what is going on.