Would you like to be the proud winner of an iGB Affiliate award this coming February?

If you would, then you should be sure you are nominated for consideration. Don't be bashful - it is perfectly fine to nominate yourself.

Only those who have been nominated will be voted on and have a chance of being on the top 10 shortlist for each category (an honor enough by itself).

This year there are 24 categories as follows:

  • Six Best Affiliate Award Categories:
    • Best Poker Affiliate
    • Best Casino Affiliate
    • Best Sports Betting Affiliate
    • Best Bingo Affiliate
    • Best Financial Betting Affiliate
    • Best Overall Affiliate
  • Six Best Affiliate Manager Award Categories:
    • Best Poker Affiliate Manager
    • Best Casino Affiliate Manager
    • Best Sports Betting Affiliate Manager
    • Best Bingo Affiliate Manager
    • Best Financial Betting Affiliate Manager
    • Best Overall Affiliate Manager
  • Six Best Affiliate Program Award Categories:
    • Best Poker Affiliate Program
    • Best Casino Affiliate Program
    • Best Sports Betting Affiliate Program
    • Best Bingo Affiliate Program
    • Best Financial Betting Affiliate Program
    • Best Overall Affiliate Program
  • Two Best Newcomer Award Categories:
    • Best Affiliate Program Newcomer
    • Best Affiliate Newcomer
  • Most Improved Affiliate Program
  • One Award for Best iGaming Affiliate Network
  • One Lou Fabiano Award for the Best iGaming Community
  • One Award for the Best Payment System

So, get yourself over to the iGB Affiliate Awards website at www.igbAffiliateAwards.com.

Nominate yourself and those you respect by the deadline of Friday, the 9th of November 2012.