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    Damn, I came here to ask about good bookies. I need something else besides bet36 since I have lots of odds coming via the API.

    Still want to go back to the US someday, so I guess Intertops, MyBookie and Bovada are out of question? )

    How do you define "promoting something into a specific country" with google/bing traffic and English as your site's (only) language?

    Putting an US flag next to an offshore US bookie or simply writing "This bookie welcomes US players" is direct targeting?

    Edit: someone said to be careful especially in Europe. As far as I know, unlicensed bookies are blocked on an ISP level, at least in my country. So you are free to promote any bookies in Belgium, the problem is you can't get Belgium players. I have some Belgium traffic which is useless, much like French, Czech, Polish etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiddenchamp View Post
    Here are some of my questions:

    1) is it illegal to promote unregulated brands?
    2) is it illegal to promote US welcome casinos?
    3) do we need to add any disclaimers to our sites, like in other niches? (stuff like: we are earning a commission (...) or gambling is addictive ...)
    4) I've been away from the gambling niche for the past 5 years and I am thinking about getting back in. I am not sure what changed since then. Can you update me?
    What you'll find that you have missed out on in the last five years is the fragmentation of markets and that every country has it's own implementation.

    Looking at the English speaking countries.

    1/ USA
    Offshore bookmakers have always been "grey market" but the only option for online sports and casino play.
    Now that individual states are licensing some programs the individual states are also trying to squeeze out the grey markets.
    They have affiliate licensing with restrictions on what you can promote on your site.
    So you are forced to choose between all grey market offshore - or all local US licensed.

    2/ UK
    UK licensing has become very restrictive in the words you can use, the images you can use, and the way you promote offers.
    So the main UK licensed firms are quite painful about compliance and it can be time consuming.
    If you fail to comply - you are quickly cancelled.

    3/ Australia
    There are a handful of locally licensed sports bookmakers in Australia. That's it.
    Promoting other bookmakers, any casino options any poker options to Australian players is illegal.
    I've never heard or any prosecution reaching out beyond Australian borders though.

    4/ New Zealand
    The local TAB has a monopoly on online sports betting, and there are no legally licensed online casinos or poker rooms.
    Promoting other bookmakers, any casino options any poker options to New Zealand players is illegal.
    I've never heard or any prosecution reaching out beyond New Zealand borders though.

    Typically the phrase used in all these jurisdictions is "if the website is targetting players from xxx country", and affiliates have come to accept that if we ARE geo-targetting, choosing ads by country, displaying country names or flags etc - then we are targetting those players even it's only a small section of our overall readership ... so you try to comply with EVERYTHING.

    Regarding the other disclaimers like gambling helplines, receiving commissions, age restrictions - they're only in the "nice to have" basket and not technically required. However, if you are working with locally licensed programs in the US and/or UK then they usually want to see them on site.


    The upshot is most people who gamble lose money, and the authorities and licensing regulators are trying to crack down on sites that promote gambling as free money, free bets, bonus bets, sure wins, extra income or any of those old style phrases. So there is a lot of work to comply with a more responsible style of text.

    It takes a bit of time to set up, and probably a couple of hours a week to ensure that you are up to date with latest offers, rules and restrictions. If you don't do it - then there is a good chance that licensed programs will cancel your deal and keep your commissions.

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    For European markets...

    In Europe, the most common legal problem for an affiliate is having their site blocked by ISPs. And this doesn't happen that often.

    To avoid other problems (fines or jail):

    Host your site in a different country than the one you are targeting. (And of course, in a country where hosting gambling websites is tolerated)

    Choose a registrar for your domain name that is different from the country you are targeting. For example, do not register your domain name in France (with a French registrar) if you are targeting the French market.

    Have your company (if you have one) located in a different country than the one you are targeting.

    Do not reside in the country you are targeting and avoid traveling there.

    Use a VPN for your work activities.

    Avoid posting any information that could identify you on your website but also, in general, on the internet (facebook, twitter, blogs, forums, etc)

    The law is one thing, law enforcement is another.

    Don't be overly impressed by warning emails from zealous officials threatening you with hellfire if you continue to promote gambling in your target country: 4 times out of 5, it's a bluff.

    Good luck!
    " Money won is twice as sweet as money earned"
    Eddie Felson in the movie The Color of Money

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