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Over recent months I have referred some really good players to various brands. In total likely around thirty plus. I know this because they all needed help and are all acquaintances of mine. Most are poker players from Canada and are big high rollers. They demanded my URL and I gave it to them as they expressed their dissatisfaction with PokerStars and land based casinos. You see I concentrate on small niches within a country this time two locations within Canada. A vast majority, with winter approaching have not a clue how to get stuff rolling online. Long story short I was not credited with not one despite all my hard work and innovative thinking. And for me this pretty much sums it up.

I would call out these programs but again feel after 5+ years I would be wasting more time. Even if I did resolve the issues the players would magically disappear eventually. I think we all deserve better but some programs think otherwise.

This is exactly why we all need to be very careful about who we affilaite ourselves with. It is so important to check a program out first and not just sing up to everything going.

I really do think think you should contact the programs in question though and if you do not get an acceptable answer (after reasonable dialogue) then post on the forums.

Also it does all depend on how the program tracks, is it cookie based, if so did your friends clear their cookies first? If thye didnt they would of (rightly by some programs terms) been tagged so another account from when they first visited that casino/poker room.

Talking to the programs affiliate managers should help you shed some light on what could of happened. I know some big Poker sites have instructions for playerso n how to clear their cookies so that is obviously an issue in the poker arena or the big guys would not feel they need to do that.