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    Default Including sponsor links on player sites

    I tried a quick search, but I couldn't find a discussion on this topic, so please forgive me if I'm repeating an old discussion.

    I added a link to GPWA and a casino sponsor to web pages that are likely to be visited by players. Do you think this is wise? Given the number of affiliate sites that there are, I wonder if it may make players aware that playing the casinos may not be the most profitable employment for them. I try to emphasie that the enjoyment and excitement of playing the various games is an importent element, and that casinos that provide value for money are the ones they should choose. Do you believe that this is undermined if the player reads the affiliate promotion pages?

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    I don't have those, but.

    We are in 2017, and there are not many people that think that various review sites are philanthropic endeavors. Doesn't matter if it's casinos, restaurants or whatever.

    Most don't really care. They actually don't give it the slightest thought - unless you ask them. They one part that they are less aware of is that the specific deal you have can influence your listings.

    If your site is actually good and honest - you are a service provider. You help to guide them to the right casino for them. Plus, most players know (doesn't mean they don't hope overwise) that playing the casinos may not be the most profitable employment for them.

    Btw, if they are not aware - it's part of your job to change that.
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