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    Default Insisting on High ROI: 70% of all revenues - paid instantly

    The http://www.MyCasino-Builder.Com is the only Internet casino solution today that insists on delivering you a high,profitable return on your investment. You earn 70% of all revenues from your Internet Casino - paid instantly every day like clockwork! There are no license or monthly fees involved!

    The Casinos yield higher revenues for you because they do NOT require players to download software or use plug-ins to play ! This ability to play for real cash in one click,from any computer at any time,not only means more casino traffic but also more paying traffic. Your players can even play from Internet cafes!

    Let’s take a look at how we cover all angles to assist you achieve profitable returns.

    We start with a plethora of marketing advantages built directly in to your casino. Your casino comes equipped with a hypnotic line-up of special player incentives that drive new players in and push your money spenders to come back again and again. Here’s a taste of some of the different incentives offered to your players:

    Real Cash Deposit Incentives
    1. PayBack Cashable Gift when a player makes a deposit 2 days in a row,he receives a cash gift equal to his 1st day’s deposit on his 2nd day’s deposit
    2. $200 cashable gift on every 10th PayPal deposit

    Real Cash “Get Paid While You Play” Incentives
    1. $25 cashable gift for every 100 hands of Poker
    2. $5 cashable gift for every 10 hands of Keno

    Other Play Incentives
    1. $101 + 30% bonus on every deposit
    2. Cashout to payout in less than 1 hour
    3. No wagering requirements
    4. 'My Account' -- player can view gaming,deposit and cash out activities
    5. Supported by all access points like AOL,Web TV,and PDAs

    Last,to seal in your success, equips you with the crucial tools required by any serious casino owner. Take a look…

    1. Robust marketing tool box with 100's of banners!
    2. monitoring services to track your marketing campaigns and optimize your online business performance.
    3. Secure,real-time Back Office for monitoring your players' actions,deposits,payouts and more!

    Get started today by clicking here:

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    Default Scam Alert Here

    They ask for paypal acct #'s and bank router #'s on a non-secure server.Why would they need this information when all as they need is a valid eMail address to pay at paypal.

    Please read the following postings.Newbies do NOT fall for this scam
    The following include statements by 2 WEBMASTERS of other forums:


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    Thank you for posting this info,SuicideKing! k:

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