I may be interested in selling my network of online casino sites (7 sites total). All my sites are fully developed and operational (not just domain names) and profitable with very good to excellent link pop and gambling-related search term rankings in Google/Yahoo/Allthe Web etc. I would prefer to converse privately via email with any interested parties and I have approached this forum first because I'm sure that any experienced portal owner will appreciate the value of incorporating my network of sites into their own network for increased link popularity etc. Since I am not a GPWA member at this time (why not, I dont know) I can only post here but I would love it if one of the prominent GPWA members took over my sites as I'm sure their knowldge would help them succeed and their integrity would allow me to get a fair and honest deal. But anyone who thinks they might be interested is free to respond to my emailnline_casinos_strategy@yahoo.com. Please give me at least a week to get back to you.