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    Default International traffic, how-to?

    Hey guys,

    How do you manage scattered international traffic?
    Some visitors for example are Swiss but land on a game specific page in italian in a multi-language website.

    Given that you cannot use geo-plugin, how would you optimize and choose which affiliate networks?

    Are there any specific recommended networks that are good for many geo-sources?

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    1) About specific Swiss case you mentioned. IP detection is not always perfect as players located near country boarder might be perceived as players from another country. We had similar stuff in past with players from Toronto (CA) which were perceived as US. Also, another potential reason of this could be demographics of Switzerland. They have 4 official languages (french, german, italian, romansh) which means majority of population near Italy are and speaks italian, near France - french, near Germany - german.
    2) Hard and probably impossible to name 1 would work best for you. Especially, if you are looking for good CPA or Hybrid deal which would cover many GEOs. My recommendation here would be to: do research of good casino brands which accepts as many GEOs as possible (available GEOs usually named in ToC), start with RS deal (RS is less risky for Advertisers than Hybrid, CPA) so you would be allowed to send traffic from most, or even all, GEOs casino accepts. Then, once you demonstrate some results you can renegotiate/upgrade deal into Hybrid/CPA - if not for all then at least for some GEOs. Its not the best option in short-run but in long-run it works well, especially if you are sure you have traffic flows from many GEOs.

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