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    Angry Interxgaming Scammers, No Payouts!!!!

    Dear Members,

    I would like to explain this ordeal I went through past few weeks and still on going.
    I am a poker player at since December. I have deposited $500 so far and I was fairly lucky to win up to $3,200. It is common for everyone as you know, if you win and when you know you want to stop you basically withdraw. However at, they did not allow my withdrawal for more than 20 days and kept canceling my withdrawals without any reason! The finance department told me that I need to place bets multiple times at Casino and some bullshit policy. The manager at knowing their fault has apologized to me and promised that I would receive my payment last Sunday. Today is now Wednesday, and I still have not received my money! I wrote multiple emails to them and called them. Their site as it reads is 24/7 live support and voice-mail came up. It is ridiculous how they do their customer support, and I feel extremely mad! I have asked my foreign buddies to call them and still voice mail replayed. So far, I have not received single email nor any response about my withdrawl!! I assure they are scammers! I can guarantee that if does not pay me, I will continue to file complaints to respected forum and portal sites, and that they will never get a single Chinese player! I will let all my Chinese friends know is SCAMMER.

    INTERXPOKER usenmae:vlack88
    Their website:

    Dialogue written record :

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    It's a pity to hear, but I haven't heard about interxpoker before. The same thing happened with my player. He played at Connect To Casino, but can't withdraw his wins due to their stupid bonus politics.
    You may see the full probelem is here:

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