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    Default Investigation underway into potential match fixing at Wimbledon

    An official investigation has been launched into two incidents of potential match-fixing at Wimbledon. According to a report by German newspaper Die Welt, a series of specific bets on two early matches triggered the alarm. One match involves at least two suspicious bets placed on a first-round match featuring a German player.

    From the article:

    As WELT learned, the first suspicious match is a men's doubles in the first round. Several providers sounded the alarm that the favored duo would be defeated during the game due to noticeably high live bets. The duo won the first set, which increased the odds on their own defeat - and then lost the remaining sets. Both the timing of the bets and the amount of sums placed indicate irregularities, report people currently dealing with the case.

    The second case, for which there is an alarm message, is the game of a German professional. At the end of the second set, bets totaling a five-figure sum on the exact result in the third set were placed with larger providers, according to those involved. There were also special bets on the maximum number of service games in the entire match. Both bets ultimately came true.

    The suspicion is directed against the opponent of the German player. When asked, the national tennis association concerned wanted to “neither confirm nor deny” that a professional from his country could be involved.
    The case prompted an interesting question from Jeff Edelstein at Sports Handle who asked whether or not bettors should have legal recourse against leagues when cheating takes place.

    And while many hands will be wrung over this, and Very Important People will demand that Something Must Be Done, there is one class of people who will be wholly ignored, and they’re the people who are the only ones who are truly suffering: the average bettors, who wager on sports with the expectation that the games they are risking money on — be they tennis matches, or games involving the 2017-18 Houston Astros, or maybe games where Major League Baseball insists the ball is the same when, in fact, it was juiced — are on the up and up.

    For these bettors, there is no recourse, no institutional body to make things square. The best they can hope for is the sportsbooks themselves refunding their bets, something that happens occasionally, but certainly not something that can be banked on.
    Read more here:

    And here is the Sports Handle article:
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    This is an interesting question from Edelstein.

    Will this open the door to lawsuits from the bettors?
    Will this open the door to lawsuits from the bookies?
    Will this open the door to lawsuits from the regulatory bodies?
    Will this open the door to lawsuits from the leagues etc?
    Will this open the door to lawsuits from the sponsors?

    On the surface a few of those categories might seem a little outrageous, but in each case any one of them could possibly suffer economic harm, or at least perceived economic harm. (I don't wanna buy product x because they supported a player that cheated)


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    Interestingly very little noise about this here in the UK.

    1st round losers get £48k as opposed to £75k for winning so the incentive for throwing a match would presumably need to compensate for this and more; in the context of 5-figure total bets it seems like a big risk to take for relatively low upside. Interesting to see if anything comes of it.

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    There has been plenty of this over the years, particularly in tennis. Surprised they are still trying to get away with it, which I guess must mean they are getting away with it enough of the time. If bets are done via Betfair exchange they will get grassed up almost immediately.

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    Match fixing has been happening for an extremely long time now. Even the ancient olympic games were almost always dealing with accusations of athletes agreeing to receive bribes to lose a competiton, and city states which often tried to influence the outcome with large sums of money. There's always corruption like this in sports.

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    It's not talked about in Japan, but it's very sad news.
    I can't believe the match-fixing is taking place in Wimbledon

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