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    Default iPhone - Mobile - Stats? Casinos to Promote?

    So, i've seen a few discussions about the iphone and gaming on mobile over the last few months, but i haven't seen any stats or any detailed discussion of whom to promote.

    I have a lot of lottery traffic, several 100s of thousand visits per month on 2 different sites. both show that iPhone and iPod visitors represent 1.5% of our visitors (my dictionary site with 500+k visitors has about 1% on iPhone/ipod).

    I'm also about to release a free iphone app

    my questions to all are:

    1. Any programs with iPhone app or iphone/safari software?
    1a. What about other mobile platforms?
    2. Any programs with a good tools for attracting converting? either offers or small banners, etc.
    3. Has Anyone used/played on mobile who feels strongly either good or bad about the quality of the experience.

    How many iphone users would rather use a "mobile" version of the website, than the standard large/graphic version? I'm mixed on this one too.

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    Can't answer all your questions but, Brightshare has an iPhone casino in the Allslots flavor. 777Mobile supports iPhone too. Those two off the top of my head. They both have the tiny wap banners too.

    I would think that the vast majority of MGS mobile casinos would be iPhone Compatible but AllSlots is the heads up leader with the iPhone Casino.
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