I thought about naming this "No more cheap highs for Pennsylvania residents":

As I was planning a short trip to the north east, I recently discovered the Airline I often fly is stopping service to Harrisburg.

I found it interesting that Frontier Airlines was pulling the plug on some of their most profitable markets since they are pulling the plug on the Harrisburg to Orlando market at the end of the month and just recently stopped service to Denver also...

By the way, the CEO clearly stated some markets they were leaving were in fact profitable....ummm like one of the busiest airports in the country and near the top vacation destination....nahhhhh couldn't be profitable to service that city...

And of course with the changes in Colorado, Denver has become quite the destination from many cities.....I guess they just don't want some passengers to get a "cheap high".....not that getting high in Denver is cheap any longer lol

I will likely have no choice but to use the new and improved American Airlines/USAir since they got their certification last week....but it bugs me a little since they sent me the email a few years ago that I had forfeited a bunch of miles (just short of enough for a free flight) since during that time frame I was flying JetBlue more often and the last few years Frontier always had a better deal on direct flights for the cities I was going.

(Go Baltia)


/rant over