Jackpot 5X Wins Progressive Slot Game at Malibu Club Online Casino

The new Jackpot 5X Wins isnít only the boosted version of 5X Wins slot released a few months ago; itís also a progressive slot which has been added to Malibu Club Online Casinoís line up of outstanding games!

What Makes a Progressive Slot Popular?

The jackpots on progressive slots reach such astronomically high amounts because every time a player wagers on any of the games which are linked to a network, a certain percentage of the bets placed are pooled towards the jackpot.

About jackpot 5X Wins Slot Game

Besides this slot being an awesome progressive, itís also a throwback to the old fruit machines from yesteryear, evident by its 3 reels, 3 paylines, and select number of icons.

Game Icons

5X icon

  • 3 pay out the top jackpot

Red 7ís

  • 3 pay out 27 coins

Green 7ís

  • 3 pay out 180 coins

Blue 7ís

  • 3 pay out 90 coins


  • 3 pay out 60 coins

Green BAR

  • 3 pay out 45 coins

Blue BAR

  • 30 pay out coins


  • 3 pay out 15 coins

Jackpot 5X Wins

  • Comes with a 5X multiplier

Come and play free slots, and the awesome Jackpot 5X Wins slot game at Malibu Club Online Casino now!

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