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    Default Joreels affiliates / Joaffs / Sneaky Affiliate Income Shaving 2.0 ?

    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to pop by again and give a nice heads up and advice how this Casino / Affiliate Program seems to respect their affiliates

    Iīll just post a link to a little screen cap of a newsletter i got from them. By the way , Iīm not working with them currently , only made a aff account and have been in few talks with them about starting to send traffic to Joreels. Not gonna happen anymore I tell you.

    Basically , I see a quite a list of problems with this thing.

    This kind of info is attached to a newsletter? Seriously? The first problem is the fact that i believe you have to sign-up for the newsletter in the first place when making a account. So people who did not sign up for the newsletter are left in the dark. Also the subject of the newsletter / e-mail is "March Madness with Joreels". It basically is a generic subject that people can have no idea that it has kind of important information inside. People will likely not even read it and have no clue that it has vital information regarding your affiliate earnings in the future. No extra emails have been sent about this matter.

    Itīs like a bank would send you a flyer to your mailbox that is titled" March Campaigns for Bank XXX" it would have offers for different bank services and on the flipside of the flyer there would be a text of " OH , AND BY THE WAY, WE ACCIDENTALLY LOWERED YOUR SAVING ACCOUNTS INTEREST BY 80% SO CONTACT US SO WE CAN FIX IT" *we really hope you donīt so we make more money*

    Ladies and gentlemen , the gambling affiliate industry on itīs prime!

    Update in the Netrefer backend caused a 100% affiliate wide reward plan reset and affiliates THEM SELF have to contact them to fix it? Hahahaha

    This is just a one new way to shave affiliateīs off and hope that people do not check their affiliate accountīs reward plans.

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    Thanks for this post,

    The bad part is,i dont get this email - the good part,i have remove all joreels links weeks ago.
    My first players were not tracked,dont ask me why.The support want to add the lost players manually - but this never happens.
    This Casino simply dont convert on my end - tracking issue again ?

    If something smells foul,let it stay.


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