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When it comes to what’s in the heart of our industry, the coveted, loved, exciting, exhilarating “show”, King Billy Casino has no rival. Testaments to these? Not only laughing or dazzled players called “Your Grace” by the casino’s Support Department (just imagine a Bank support doing this), but also professionals of our industry.

Because, why, it was in the year 2019 AD (or 1 BC - Before Coronavirus) that His Majesty King Billy himself, throne, crown, glove, gothic cross and all, stole the show in flesh and blood at the iGB Affiliate Conference in London, ExCel. “Show” is in the DNA of King Billy Casino from the very beginning.

But now, it seems they have met their match.

King Billy Casino and Hacksaw Gaming have joined forces, for what could very well be a show for the ages. Volodymyr Harkusha, King Billy Casino CEO (and according to the strictly adhered internal protocol “First Lord of the Kingdom”) shares a few thoughts on this.

“You are right about “show” being in the heart of this awesome industry and in, also, everything we produce at King Billy. But in order to present the best show, one needs to write the best script, hire the best director and cast the best actors. So, we are more than happy to collaborate with Hacksaw, since these guys are doing exactly this.

Reinventing classic online games with novel mechanisms, and at the same time doing it all in a “mobile-first” environment is no easy job. But Hacksaw is doing it, to my knowledge, as good, or even better than the top industry guns. I invite all our Citizens to try their luck on innovative and thrilling slots like Cubes, Stick’ em, Om Nom and many more!”

Hacksaw Gaming is a studio, incorporated in Malta, which, among others, builds scratch cards, games and slots with amazing prizes. Hacksaw gaming provides its secure iGaming platform to the largest brands and regulatory bodies in the online gaming world, and features, currently, more than 60 games, 120 partners and 10 regulated markets.

King Billy Casino is a 13 times awarded new generation online casino, available in 6 languages (English, Finnish, French, German, Czech and Japanese). King Billy Casino has created a superb user experience around the myth of King Billy and his Kingdom and treats all its players (“Citizens” in the casino language) with the attention they deserve.