Several days ago i recive a letter from Ladbrokes affiliate manager

The poroblem is, that this letter i recive to my private e-mail. I use this e-mail only then i registered in another affiliate prougram. All my domain have WhosIs Protect.

I never work with Ladbrokes Affiliate Prougram. I don't have account on this prougram.
But, they know:

1.) They know my e-mail
2.) They know my nationality (letter was on Russian Language).
3.) They know my real name.

Then i ask affiliate manager, where they get information about
my personal info, he replay me: "I don't know - my bosses give me the list with affiliates. And this list contain information about your".

p.s. it is no problem if affiliate managers PM me here, at and say "Hi Moonlight Cat, let's work together". But when somebody
use information with my real name, adress, phone number, e-mail, without my permission, and i don't know about this - i think this is not good.