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    Default Legal action being considered after betting offers were sent to gambling addicts

    Law firm PGMBM said it is exploring the possibility of bringing legal proceedings against Sky Vegas, which is owned by Flutter UK & Ireland, on behalf of up to 120,000 people who were allegedly sent promotional emails offering “free online spins,” despite asking not to receive betting correspondence.

    The firm, which specializes in data breaches, urged people who were affected to get in touch through website:

    From Evening Standard:

    Specialist data breach lawyer and PGMBM legal director Tony Winterburn said: “This mistake could cost people their recovery from gambling.

    “These emails have already caused harm and distress to those who opted out of receiving gambling promotions for very good reason.”

    PGMBM also called for the full scale of the error to be revealed.

    Mr Winterburn said: “Quite simply, providers such as Sky must do more to protect vulnerable customers.

    “In the meantime, and in regard to this incident specifically, it is important that Sky are transparent and disclose how many people were sent the promotional material and the reasons for it.

    “The family members of those with gambling-associated issues will be sat at home quite rightly worried if their loved one has been sent this offer despite having done everything they can to try to stay away from these kinds of triggers.”
    Conor Grant, chief executive of Flutter UK & Ireland, said:

    “I would like to sincerely apologise to all those who have been affected by the recent issue at Sky Vegas, whereby a number of people were mistakenly sent promotional communications.

    “I want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to get to the bottom of how this happened. We are conducting a full investigation into what went wrong, in particular so that we can ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

    “As soon as the error was identified it was notified to the Gambling Commission and we will keep them informed as our investigations progress.

    “Sky Vegas, and indeed all our brands, take their responsibility to protect customers extremely seriously.

    “Safer gambling is our number one focus and, while we haven’t always got everything right, we are determined to do as much as we can to protect those who may be at risk.

    “I recognise that on this occasion we have let many people down, and for that I am truly sorry.”
    Read more here:

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    Would this be the same Sky Vegas who ditched all their affiliates to thieve all their commissions . . . . sorry I mean to make sure things like this do not happen?

    On the other hand this is just pathetic, does nobody take responsibility for their own life and actions these days?

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    What a very stupid situation. "Mistakenly" sent promotional communications, yeah right.

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    I doubt there is anything "mistaken". Most likely sent to see what they could get away with. There should be legal action for this and as a warning to others.

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