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    Default Legal USA Betting/Casino Affiliates

    Has anyone had a good bit of luck promoting the legal sportsbooks and casinos in the US? I know in the past Draft Kings and Fan Duel had such low commisions for bringing in players I myself gave up on it. Now that online casino play is legal in certain states Im just curious if it is worth trying to promote the brands out there. I have always had pretty good luck promoting poker and casinos but it is work to keep up your websites and personally I think it is just getting more labor intensive than ever. I use to do everything myself but now I cant update the many sites I have to keep Google happy and rev has suffered.

    Anyway, just curious what peoples thoughts are on promoting the now legal online gambling venues in the US at the different states.

    Thanks - Trav
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    Im not sure if i get your question right, maybe there are also two questions. We are just starting, so i dont have to much experience yet (more or less a year in the market).

    My 2 cents on:


    The deals i can see in our accounts (rs and cpa) are quite good, even so we are not sending much traffic yet and didnt negotiate much on the deals.


    F***ing huge, both on time and resources, to set up all the licenses, get the deals and of course also get the websites up and running. Way more than in other markets.

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    We tend to do quite well with US casinos. There can be a fair bit or work and updates however they seem to be beneficial. Sometimes rev share may not be the best but there is volume which helps.

    I'd say it is worth the effort.

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    I was under the impression that you couldn't promote offshore brands if you wanted to get some of the licenses so it's an either/or situation. Something else you probably want to bear in mind as well (based on the brands on some of your sites). - Formally known as goodbonusguide.

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    Yes, that's what i know as well.

    MJM here seems to have vast experience with it. you might check out here:
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