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    Default Live Casino Partners have not paid me for 3 months

    Hi everyone,

    So I have an issue with livecasinopartners, simply they have not paid me Oct, Nov and Dec commissions, officially they say bacause issues with their banks... I have started a complaint now on askgamblers but as it can take days to get out, I thought I give it a shot here too. This is exactly what happened so far...

    Livecasinopartners have not paid me the last 3 months commissions (Oct., Nov. and Dec.).

    I contacted Gabriel (gabriel (at) early November (9th) with the invoice for October's commission as usual and as usual again 12 days later (21st - nothing new there, every months I have to do so), he replied saying that there has been issues with their bank and Skrill and that I could be paid via bank transfer now or wait until next month if I still wanted to be paid via Skrill as this issue will be sorted then. So as it was only 475.74, I replied (25 October) that I will wait until next month to be paid via Skrill. I never got a reply but I sent an email to Gabriel on the 2nd December with now both invoices for October and November's commission also asking if Skrill is ok now. No reply so I sent 2 more emails on the 12th and the 18th to Gabriel, still no answer. So on the 19th, I sent that same email to Gabriel + support (at) + adrian (at) Still no asnwer on the 23rd so I sent another email asking if they were all ignoring me - got a reply finally on the 24th from gabriel saying that the issue has not been resolved (no clear explanation why though...) and if I wanted to be paid via bank transfer both Oct and Nov. commissions. This is also his explanation why he had ignoring me all month (I waited this long because I can see you are visibly angry, but in the past you have told me you didnt want bank transfer. Which is why I was waiting for them to give me information regarding the Skrill situation) - so not answering me all month was going to make me less "angry" to his opinion...

    I replied the same day (24 Dec) asking what was the issue, this was his reply...on the 29 Dec. (I know I apologise and I completely understand. The issue with Skrill is associated to licensing matters where the account has been stalled. This in combination to some issues with banks that have been given us trouble in the past months) so I replied again with both Oct and Nov invoices with bank transfer details so I can be paid this way.

    I waited until the 9th January reply. So again I emailed Gabriel asking for updates and...the payment of now 2 months late commissions as they had the invoice and my details since 11 days. So he replied on the 10th asking this time for the invoice for Dec commission (as well as the other 2 although I sent these 2 on the 29 Dec). No word on why they had not already paid me Oct and Nov commission since they had my invoice and bank details since the 29th Dec (!!!)..just saying that they will pay all late payments via wire transfer and this explanation ( it is just that we had some obstacles that we had to overcome with our banks.) What obstacles??? Is it now completely "overcome"??? He also said, again, that next month the issue with Skrill should be sorted...(????).

    So the same day (10 Jan) I sent another email asking all this, why Oct and Nov commissions have not been paid and attached 3 invoices - again Oct and Nov + Dec commissions. But nothing happened until the 15th, day of his reply which was (As soon as I arrive at the office tomorrow I will respond to this email so we are clear with everything. If you want to add me on Skype I think we can have an easier communication as well, my username is gabriel_lcp. Or you can send me yours and I will add you. ). Waited some days of course no email from him - between the 22nd and today 24th I sent them more than 3 dozens emails (gabriel + adrian + support) as well as messages via the messaging service on livecasinopartners platform, they are ignoring me.

    I have to add that although pratically every month I have to send gabriel 2 or 3 emails before I get an answer and my comm paid, he has always (eventually) replied and paid me.

    Of course I have all emails used in our communication as proof. Also I tried to contact gabriel via Skype with the username he gave me: gabriel_lcp - does not exist or at least I did not find it.

    They owe me 2658.25 and my commission so far for January is 1099.46. So if livecasinopartners have had issues with banks and are not able to pay their affiliates anymore, surely this should be sorted this issue one way or another... where is the money of my player's losses is going then???

    Hope this will help to resolve this issue quickly now because I am strating to be (rightly) very annoyed with this.

    Thank you.

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