Hi there,

We are looking to purchase an existing casino/poker portal.
Site should have existing Page Rank (PR), and if possible existing traffic.

We have lots of great content for unique casino & poker reviews and would like to get a domain that is available and somewhat established.

We have been working in Gaming as an affiliate, but mainly in PPC advertising efforts. Looking to acquire an established site with someone who wants to possiblity get out of the industry, etc. instead of starting from ground zero with a fresh domain. We could then work our SEO efforts on this domain.

We are top affiliate producers in a number of industries such as contact lenses, loans, mortgages, hosting, etc. You can see one of our hosting sites at http://www.hosting-review.com.

Please advise if you know of any opportunities.

Opie Marketing

p.s. Great site by the way, lots of great info...and look forward to meeting some of you who may be attending GIGSE in Montreal[/url]