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    Lightbulb Looking for inspiration - affiliate site homepages


    I've just got myself in trouble One of my colleagues decided to leave the affiliate business and he left me a handful of websites.

    Most of them need some work - especially if it goes to UI and UX of homepages. At the moment they look like that: - Simple WordPress theme, not many CTA's, confusing structure...

    I could spend some money on the redesign, but I really don't have any vision. To be honest most of the affiliate sites look like stuck in 2000's.

    Can you please advise me where to go next? What's the best looking aff website in your opinion?

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    Anchovy, I personally think that the design of this site is the way to go:

    It's neat and has a nice use of a mixture of colors. It's also got updated news and information and it's well presented and thought out.

    What do you think of it?

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    If you don't have any vision, then that is your biggest problem. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a succesful affiliate. A pretty theme or layout is only 10% of the equation. You have to figure out what value your site will bring to the visitor. What is your target market? How will you convert a visitor to a depositing player? Which brands do you want to work with and why? How are you going to keep your site fresh and relevant? If you can not answer these very important questions, then you should not even be thinking about a redesign.

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    You are going backwards about it. A website is only as valuable as the visitors think it is. If your design does not appeal to your audience then it won't convert. If you are to copy the best looking website (that's always a subjective opinion) you'd have to copy their audience, their keywords to get the same results.

    There are several reasons why the sites look from the 2000s. Number 1: Millennials are just turning 18. A lot of the converting adults are people who enjoy gambling as a leisure activity, have jobs, careers etc. They grew up with these designs, it's what they are familiar with, it won't be a surprise if they convert better on a website you would consider "ugly".

    After all if it's a design competition, you'd wanna hit the web design niche.

    Number 2: This is probably one of the oldest saying and it's so very true: If it isn't broken don't fix it. If the site converts well, gets enough traffic, why in the world would u wanna do a complete redesign and jeopardize your conversions?

    If I like the color blue, but the other 99 ppl who visit don't does that mean that my site is better looking? To whom? Different browsers, different viewports, different devices.

    So start experimenting yourself. If all traffic was the same, we'd all be running Amazon's white and orange as they spent crazy amount of $$$ to optimize colors and design and boosted their sales by 78%. But that's the thing and if you go around and google A/B tests you'd see very mixed results about the same set of designs and colors.

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