Remember when you promoted ChipSplit and Carbon Poker? Remember when they screwed you over and stopped allowing you to sign up new customers but promised you they would continue to pay lifetime rev share? Remember when a few months later they jacked up the fees and took 85%+ of the revenue? Remember when a few months after that they just simply cancelled all deals and stopped paying out altogether?

It pissed you off I'll bet. It pissed me off.

We finally got around to writing a heavily negative review of them. It is a high quality review with 6.5k words, loads of pictures, custom charts, etc. We want to rank it #1 for "Carbon Poker Review". We also want the #2 spot for "Carbon Poker" so that we can take a bite out of their traffic and revenues in retribution for what they did to affiliates like you and me.

As it stands currently, the top review sites give mediocre ratings but aren't overly negative. Furthermore, Carbon has managed to bury many of its negative reviews with some creative SEO. We want to change that dynamic.

If you have an old Carbon Poker review laying around collecting dust, a link from it would be very helpful to us in our efforts. We would of course be happy to compensate you somehow for the courtesy of linking to our authoritative review.