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    Exclamation Lotus Asia has changed

    Wow, Lotus Asia used to be one of my favorite casinos to play on but in the last couple of weeks, they have really been rude to me. I will post my last communication with a rep. Keep in mind, I deposit every day and the last 6 free spins that the reps there issued were for 5 cents coin size, 25 lines and one cent per line on either Arcadia or Tomahawk for a total of $1.25 per bet. The free spins issued on this conversation were for 1 cent coin size, 40 lines, one cent per bet for a total of 40 cents. I won a whole $3! This has become the standard it seems with these free spins like that. Here is the latest conversation:
    info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with ĎGriffiní
    Griffin: Welcome to Lotus Ö.How can I assist you today?
    Stephanie: Hi. I got disconnected. I was asking for free spins as I just made my deposit
    Griffin: Hi Stephanie, Your spins were added on Bucksy Malone.
    Stephanie: I had asked if they could be like the last few
    Stephanie: I havenít had any problems
    Stephanie: until now
    Stephanie: I had asked for the free spins like the last 4 times
    Stephanie: I deposited 25
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to *** at the end of your chat.
    Stephanie: hello?
    Griffin: Yes, Iím still here.
    Stephanie: ok?
    Stephanie: I have been dealing with Kelly and Andy
    Griffin: You made a 25.00 deposit and i claimed 20 spins for you.
    Stephanie: they were nice to me and offered me free spins the last 5 times
    Stephanie: that were on tomahawk or arcadia for 5 cents per line
    Stephanie: what is your problem?
    Stephanie: and I just asked you to place the spins as they had been done the last several times
    Stephanie: you didnít even respond
    Griffin: I cannot added the spins that were added the last time, Stephanie.
    Stephanie: why is that?
    Stephanie: because it is you?
    Stephanie: you seem to have a problem with me
    Stephanie: and I have been claiming these spins for the last week
    Griffin: Iím only following managementís instructionÖ
    Stephanie: sure thing
    Stephanie: well, Iíll tell you what
    Stephanie: after this deposit is played I AM DONE!
    Griffin: The spins you have been getting were not suppose to be credited to begin with.
    Griffin: They were not authorized.
    Stephanie: that is amazing!
    Stephanie: so a ghost gave them to me!
    Stephanie: are you kidding me?
    Griffin: The people who gave them to you were not suppose to.
    Stephanie: I am going to have to post this stuff
    Stephanie: oh please
    Stephanie: well, you just have a personal problem with me
    Stephanie: and I am done doing this
    Griffin: I can forward your query to my supervisor and she can call as soon as she gets in office?
    Stephanie: you had a problem with me last week
    Stephanie: and now you are doing it again
    Stephanie: it is clearly not my place to be gaming on this casino
    Stephanie: It is a costly mistake that I wonít allow again
    Stephanie: and I will be sure to spread the word
    Stephanie: I canít believe this
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to **** at the end of your chat.
    I may seem a little upset with the Rep but please keep in mind this is after a long list of issues that started last week which again, I never got a response on but I let it go at the time. Ok, last week I was told that once you request your free spins and they issue them, they canít switch it to a different game. This is not true because every rep there has changed the game for me before (example they would issue it on one of the new games and I would ask if they could put it on an old one). I even have chats saved where this has been done before but was told I was not being truthful. I sent an email to the Manager several times along with my proof and got zero response. These guys are acting fishy lately. The free spins are doing terribly too (along with the gaming)!
    In my opinion, I do not trust a casino that constantly changes their rules to suit them and Iím not playing there anymore!

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    Still no word on the issue with the new rules and "unauthorized" free spins. I called them to talk to a Supervisor and did not get a call back. Go figure. These free spins are the only thing I claim on my deposits by the way (I do not claim purchase matches) and I claim these spins right after a deposit (before wagering) as I am supposed to. I don't know what is going on with them but it seems to be quite strange lately.

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