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    Default Lucky Red Casino

    I am producing videos for each of the rogue casinos we have listed. Starting with Affiliate Edge's Lucky Red Casino. Please feel free to share. There are unfortunately some affiliates still promoting this casino to unsuspecting players.

    Since ThePogg announced back in Feb the outcome of the Stay Application on my claim against the owners of Lucky Red and the subsequent generosity of my peers, in helping me cover all but 1k of the legal costs we were hit with. My main site has been the subject of a massive Negative SEO attack. Thankfully the 1st Aug google update is righting the damage caused.

    I have also been subjected to 'anonymous' messages 'laughing' about the 'Revenge Google Attack' and other less than pleasant messages, via a variety of means.

    I cannot prove who is behind them, although it is not hard to join the dots. However, I can prove that the assholes that now control Lucky Red Casino did indeed shave over 1200 affiliates in January 2017. They are also still likely doing so now to this day.

    So I am left with two options. Let them try and force me out of this business, or stand up and fight for what is right. I have never been the type of person to allow someone to kick sand in my face and walk away.

    One day, karma will right the wrongs that Stuart and Warren Ferster have committed.

    Exit stage left

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