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    Default Matchbook Change Terms Similar to Sky

    I'm finding this trend of changing terms fairly worrying now. Matchbook, the sports betting exchange, have now changed their terms from the start of next month. This almost identical to Sky, if you have less than 6 FTD's in a month you drop to 10% revenue.

    This seems very stupid especially when you consider Matchbook are fairly small and are trying to break Betfair's monopoly of the exchange market. You would think the more affiliates they could get on board the better, exchanges are after all hard to sell to normal punters.

    Hey Ho, I don't do a lot with them anyway and I will be dropping them off my sites this week. I wanted to highlight this to the community as it's important that we keep track of this and don't promote brands that change the rules of the game half way through playing.

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    I stop promoting Matchbook this week after I receive the email with 6 FTD's in a month and 10% revenue. I will promote another bookie. Good bye Matchbook!

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    Dear Affiliate,
    After completing a full review of our Affiliate Program we have decided to make some changes to our revshare structure on Exchange and Casino products.

    In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Matchbook Affiliate Program, we are amending the revshare reward plan along with the overall terms and conditions. These amendments will be effective from 1 October 2016.

    A copy of the amended Terms and Conditions can be found here for your reference.

    You will be prompted to accept the new terms and conditions upon login to your affiliate account from October 1st 2016.

    The new revshare structure can be found below:

    Commencing 1 October 2016:

    All products:

    New Affiliates
    0-6 Months 30% Revshare on 0+ New Depositing players
    Exisiting Affiliates From October 1st 2016
    0-3 Months 30% Revshare on 0+ New Depositing players

    7 Months +:


    Group 1: 6+ New players deposit in 1 month 25% Revshare
    Group 2: 0-5 players deposit in 1 month 10% Revshare


    0-5 FTD's 25% Revshare
    6-10 FTD's 30% Revshare
    11-20 FTD's 35% Revshare
    21-40 FTD's 40% Revshare
    40+ FTD's 45% Revshare

    *FTD = First time depositor

    These changes are designed to encourage and reward a mutually beneficial relationship between Matchbook and our affiliates, and as always we are very willing to discuss any issues you may have.

    Please get in touch at

    Matchbook Affiliates

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