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    Default Meet Betwinner at Prague Affiliate Conference - TES

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    Hey all,

    As you may have heard, TES will soon take place and the Betwinner affiliate team is excited to meet our partners and build new relationships with new potential partners. We are looking forward to telling you all about our brand and our offerings across a wide variety of regions we are able to target and operate in.

    You can find us in booth P30

    More info about us can be found here

    Looking forward meeting you all to answer all questions you might have about our brand.

    Kind regards
    Affiliate Manager
    Skype - Niklas.fagerstrom1

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    I really like the irony that the gambling conference is in the country where bookies, incl. betwinner/1xbet, are being blocked by state (or were blocked so they "voluntarily" withdrew), so no one can access them.
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    If you check the conference (sponsors, exhibitors, attendees) more closely, you'll find out this is not a "gambling" conference at all. This is conference for guys in porn and adult business. Then it makes much much more sense!

    And speaking of irony, I wouldn't call it irony, look at the biggest gambling conference next year - it will be in Boston, MA out of all places... There's a saying "the darkest place is under the candlestick".

    Let's say you're an authority and there are some things you don't like (or directly ban) but you also know there's money involved and you can't fight human nature. So just tolerate it or give it a different name. Instead of "gambling" call it "iGaming", instead of "conference for creeps, porn producers and owners of circlejerk sites" call it simple "The European Summit"! Maybe by using this name you'll accidentally attract some politicians willing to discuss the current issues of EU as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azureus View Post
    If you check the conference (sponsors, exhibitors, attendees) more closely, you'll find out this is not a "gambling" conference at all. This is conference for guys in porn and adult business.
    So lets get this straight... OK for sponsor to mix porn and gambling, but no OK for private member to do like wise:
    7. Being associated with a site that mixes both porn and gambling on the same site is not acceptable.
    Could argue this sponsor does not mix porn and gambling on same site, but...sponsoring a conference for "porn and adult industry", and doing so to entice porn and adult affiliates to promote BetWinner... the semantic argument is pretty thin.
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    Since the beginning of the GPWA there have always been gambling affiliates that also were affiliates of the porn industry.

    We all know that and yes, as long as the sites listed with the GPWA do not mix them or link to them on the same sites, is how it has always been.

    As for gambling affiliate companies attending the porn conferences, that also has been going on for 20 years or so, as do some of the porn affiliate companies attend some of the larger gambling conferences, this is nothing new.


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