The Mega Fortune Jackpot on NordicBet has reached a historical high of 10.7 million euro and will be won this week, maybe by one of your players?

The bookmakers at NordicBet have put odds on when the Mega Fortune Jackpot will make a customer’s dreams come true, and predict it will happen before the end of the weekend.

Previous Mega Fortuna jackpots has been won at around 3.3 million euro every quarter, but it has now grown to 10.7 million euro and hasn't been won for over half a year. Our bookmakers estimate it will be won around 11 million latest on Sunday, so we look forward to make the dreams come true for a lucky NordicBet customer very soon, says Shaun O'Neill from NordicBet.

A jackpot win before Sunday gives odds 1.80, while pay out after gives odds 1.90.

NordicBet also offer a series of other odds on the Mega Fortune Jackpot. You can bet on what day and time the jackpot will be won and if it's a man or woman who will win.

According to the odds, the jackpot will be won by a man on Thursday between 21:00 and 23.59 CET. But you're of course also welcome to bet on yourself, when you sit down to play and feel lucky, says Shaun O'Neill and wishes everybody good luck.

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